Pantheon Dev Blog #2

I’ve been working on getting artwork into Unreal Engine 4 from online art packs.
This Mayan set was created by Bitgem and is going to represent the lost temples of the last Devi Kalimunda, the embodiment of War and Destruction.

I’ve also been learning how to use this Cemetery Set to set the scene of the first few tutorial levels against the undead, also by Bitgem!

Pantheon Origins

Pantheon places you in the war-torn realm of Azoria shortly after dying during the heroic defence of your home city, the Great Citadel of Kairos.
You witness Du’at the Destroyer, God of Death lay ruin to the land with a relentless onslaught of mutated abominations and undead servants. With your faith betrayed, your brethren consumed, and your family at the mercy of the dark one, your only

Pantheon Dev Blog #1

I’m currently working towards getting a working demo sorted for Pantheon, the main technical challenge is getting a tonne of AI to behave nicely in VR.
My solution to this was using 2D Sprites instead of rigged skeletal meshes. I still need to make a new character class in C++ that doesn’t use the character mesh, as that component just adds to the overall complexity of calls I