Pantheon Dev Blog #1

I’m currently working towards getting a working demo sorted for Pantheon, the main technical challenge is getting a tonne of AI to behave nicely in VR.

My solution to this was using 2D Sprites instead of rigged skeletal meshes. I still need to make a new character class in C++ that doesn’t use the character mesh, as that component just adds to the overall complexity of calls I imagine.

So, there is still plenty left to improve with the AI including leader/follower hierarchy, and refining the EQS queries that I am using to make sure they aim at the best opponent during combat.

Heres a little gif of some of the progress so far!

I’ll explain a few of the things we can see here:

1) The Palette, this is the 3D hand menu that we use to place new towers and units into the world, you will be able to customise this loadout one day!
2) Minions, these are the 2D sprites I mentioned previously, like towers, they cost gold, which can be seen in the centre of the palette.
3) Towers, These are in early WIP atm just firing line traces and causing direct damage to their targets, they are physics based, you can throw em around!
4) Boss dude, the large skeleton is a super WIP who is placeholding for an undead mini boss / deity who was imbued with power by Du’at, he has a huge health bar!

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