Pantheon Origins

Pantheon places you in the war-torn realm of Azoria shortly after dying during the heroic defence of your home city, the Great Citadel of Kairos.

You witness Du’at the Destroyer, God of Death lay ruin to the land with a relentless onslaught of mutated abominations and undead servants. With your faith betrayed, your brethren consumed, and your family at the mercy of the dark one, your only solace was in death… Until you are summoned…

The idea for Pantheon started in a small 3rd floor flat in the UK with the desire to make a game for VR that had the short play sessions and drop in/out game play that we need for a satisfying experience, whilst aiming to give you something to think about whilst outside the virtual world.

The game concept started in the Tower Defence arena, the first image that came to mind was watching armies battle it out whilst intervening with powerful God-Like abilities. Outside the game you would be plotting your next move to become the top dog of the Pantheon you’ve been summoned into, considering new combinations of towers and relics that you’ve collected in your defense of the free people.

After developing an early prototype, the need to keep it active, engaging and interactive became much clearer, and I went for a more hands on RTS approach. The game originally featured a strong emphasis on defensive wave based combat, saving the free folk from destruction, your typical tower defence formula.

Now, with the ability to command your faithful believers and honourable warriors, you can take the fight to the enemies doorstep whilst defending their lands!

Plan your load-out, organise your armies, and become the God of Gods!